Dog training – Private lesson v Group classes, which is right for you and your dog.

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At PDT we get a lot of calls every week from people who are not sure what type of training is most suitable for them so here is a quick breakdown of the services we offer and which may work best for you, your family and your dog.

Group Classes

Group classes are great fun, you will meet other dogs owners who are working on the same behaviours with their dogs that you are. There is a great sense of support from not only the trainers but also your class mates. We have found that while there can be a slightly competitive edge during some of the games that we do to enhance training throughout the courses, everyone is cheering each other on and wants their class mates and their dogs to succeed. The biggest advantage of doing a group class is that you will get to work with your dog in an environment where there are lots of distractions, other dog, adults and children, toys, noises, smells etc. This all helps proof any the behaviours that they are learning. If you dog will come back to your when there are other dogs in the class, that lets face it, look more fun to play with, you are on a good path for him to learn to come back to you when you are in the park.

A quick breakdown of the classes we offer

Puppy Pre School – for young pups after they have completed their vaccination. Suitable for all breeds up to 6 months old. Covering socialisation, confidence building, puppy enrichment, reflex to name, sits, recall , lead walking, into bed and more.

Puppy Smarts – the follow on course to Puppy Pre School , this level 2 course works on building on previous behaviours learned, this course looks at focus and control exercises. Suitable for all, but we would expect your dog to have some understanding of basic cues such as sit, reflex to name etc.

Awesome Manners – Suitable for all dogs of all ages. This is a level 1 course, and we start from the very beginning with all the training methods and exercises. Covering reflex to name, sits, into bed, emergency stop, recall training, lead walking & more.

Lead walking/Recall masterclass – Our masterclasses are one off 90 minute group classes concentrating on specific issues, the most popular being loose lead walking and recall training. Suitable for dogs who are happy being in a group class, prior learning is not essential as we will work with you through it to help with the training that is being done.

We also offer foundation agility training, scent work classes, clicker training classes for those who want to do something a little different with their dogs and work on mental and physical stimulation. Check out our upcoming classes by clicking here Classes available for booking…

We do not recommend group classes for dogs who are reactive to other dogs or people. If you are unsure if your dog would enjoy a group class please call us on 01 9013018 in advance of booking to have a chat with one of our accredited dog trainers.

Private dog training sessions

In some situations, a private training session with your dog may be the best option for you. A lot of families now are time poor and find it hard to commit to attend a course of classes so private training, either here in the centre or in their home may be best for them.

In some cases, dogs may be too reactive to other elements that can take place in a group class setting for them to concentrate of the cues being taught. For example, if you have a dog that is reactive to other dogs, they will be too stressed to relax and take part in a class where there could be another 5/6 dog present. This is turn will make you, the handler, stressed as well.

If your dog is fearful, a group class may not the best place to start with your training. To set your dogs up to succeed and build their confidence, a home-based session with one of our trainers may be the best option.

Some of the things we can cover better in 121 training session include settling puppy into your home, getting your dog ready for the arrival of a baby, reactivity, confidence building and much more.

Regardless of any issue you are having we will be able to help you and your dog, or at the very least we will be abale to refer your with confidence to another dog trainer or behaviourist in your area that works with the same ethical values that we all do.

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