Adult Dog Train & Treat Box


Whether you are new to training, or you are brushing up your skills, this box has all you need to get going on your training journey.

Positive Dog Training has had the pleasure of looking after thousands of dogs with our daycare, training classes, and grooming room running since 2011! During that time, we have road tested lots of treats and toys so we know what dogs love and what brands are best.

Enrichment, play, train  and chew – what all dogs love.

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PDT Training Pouch – Designed with comfort, versatility & functionality in mind, this treat pouch has it all. Magnetic closing to keep your treats safe, with zipped sections to keep you phone and keys safe. Small sections to pop you waste bags and clicker.  Grab & go on your way out for a walk.

PDT Training Lead – Our double-ended lead can be used as an everyday lead with the flexibility of extending to over 6 feet for regular walks or shortening to practice your heel walking. The double-ended option allows you to attach to a no pull harness for more control on the go.

Easy Peasy Doggy Squeezy by Steve Mann IMDT –  written by the UKs number 1 best-selling dog book author, Steve’s training tips will help you tackle training problems by giving you the practical tools you need to improve your life with your dog. Follow the step by step guides to help you solve many common dog training issues.

Woofle Lick Mat –  to let your dog enjoy food or other treats in a calm way. Due to the handy compartments, the dog has to put in more effort and startling is prevented. In addition, the lick mat also offers a solution to reduce boredom or stress and the mat can be used with both dry and wet food. For example, spread yogurt or peanut butter on it. Thanks to the strong suction cups, the AFP Calming Pals – Woofle Lick Mat can be attached to any surface!

JW Pets Holee Bone – inspired by the popular JW® Hol-ee Roller, the Hol-ee® Bone features a patented natural rubber design that stands up to tough play. The super stretchy non-toxic rubber is a great treat toy training aid or for tug, toss, fetch, or chew. Holds a variety of treats or plush toys. Entertaining and Enriching: This puzzle and chew toy help keep your dog entertained and provides essential mental stimulation; Natural rubber is gentle on your dog’s gums as they chew and teeth.

PDT Clicker – This training clicker is a great tool for assisting with the training of your pup. With a loud click, this is perfect for training both indoors and out.

Nature Menus Dog Treats – Real Meaty treats which are ideal for all training excises. No chemicals, additives, or preservatives, 95% meat – these treats are a firm favourite with all dogs.





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