Happy Campers – FS Burrow


Give your dog an at-home camping trip with lots of squeaky fun with the Fringe Studio Happy Campers Plush Puzzle Dog Toy Set!

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Elevate your dog’s playtime by making it more challenging and exciting with this plush puzzle game! The Fringe Studio Happy Campers Dog Toy Set gives your dog an outlet for burrowing and hide-and-seek play in a super fun, cuddly, and squeaky way. This toy set features a classic tent with openings to hide the included plush toys inside for your dog to find. Along with the tent, the set also comes with four adorable woodland critters (beaver, bear, raccoon, and owl) that keep your pet company during playtime or naptime. Use other plush toys or your dog’s favorite treats as well to add versatility to your pet’s entertainment with the Happy Campers set!

Why Do Dogs Burrow or Dig?

Maybe you’ve seen your dog bury their toys in the backyard or duck under your covers. The burrowing or digging behavior is common among dogs, and there are several common reasons for this instinctive action. So what causes your dog to do this?

Security and Comfort: In the wild, some animals burrow to create safe homes for their families, and your dog’s natural burrowing instincts can cause them to search for some type of safety or comfort. If your dog is stressed or afraid, they can start burrowing in random areas, such as your bed or couch, to relieve themselves and find comfort and security.
Desire to Bond: If your dog burrows under the covers to get closer to you, it’s a way for them to bond with you and be close to you.
The Cold: To keep warm, your dog may burrow somewhere to find warmth. Simple as that!
Note: Always consult your vet if you think your dog’s burrowing behavior has become more obsessive and has increased in frequency over time. This can be caused by a number of things, such as stress due to a new environment. Burrowing toys like the Zippy Burrow are meant for entertainment purposes but may help with satisfying your dog’s instincts for burrowing.


Hide-and-seek puzzle and plush dog toy set for double the fun for your pet!
Features a tent and 4 squeaky plush woodland critters for hide-and-seek play
Helps satisfy your dog’s burrowing/digging instincts and challenges their mind
Plush toys can be used separately and as cuddle buddies
Other toys or dog treats can be used with the tent for versatile play
Great for multi-pet homes to enjoy
Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs
Set Includes: 1 Hide-And-Seek Tent & 4 Woodland Plush Critters (Beaver, Bear, Raccoon, Owl)

Loud squeakers in each toy. 4 mini toys included

Dimensions: 23x20x20cm.