Ropetugz – Zippy Paws


It’s a fact of life: dogs love tug-of-war. It’s also a fact of life that most things that dogs want to play tug-of-war with are not made to withstand your dog’s favorite game. That’s why ZippyPaws designed the Monkey RopeTugz with super durable 2/3″ nylon rope – the same kind used by mountain climbers – so that it can withstand even the most persistent tugger-of-war.

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Tug of war just got a lot more playful with ZippyPaws’ RopeTugz® feature the same 2/3″ durable rope used in Climbers’ leashes! This extra-tough rope can withstand hours of tugging and play. Not for heavy chewing.

oy size: 28 x 5 x 5 in

  • Exclusive Noisemakers – Each toy includes 1 high-quality round squeaker that grunts when pressed to deliver loud sounds that keep your best friend entertained.


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