Tikr Large – Kong


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ONG Tikr delivers long-lasting mental stimulation with a timer activated treat dispenser that sparks intrigue with a varied release of treats. The auto-rotating holes control the pace of dispensing and can be set for up to 45-minutes. Once the timer is set, Tikr ticks and rolls time activated dispensing that continues to fuel engagement while rewarding positive natural foraging instincts. Vary the challenge by adding multiple sizes of treats. No batteries required.

  • Insert Treats
  • Timed release treating
  • Simply twist to start timer
  • Roll action rewards natural foraging instincts
  • No batteries
  • Auto-rotating
  • Built-in timer sets treat dispensing times up to :45 minutes
  • Multiple, different sized holes, vary the dispensing challenge
  • Rewards natural foraging instincts


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