YowUp! Frozen Yoghurt Salmon Tartar


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Pros and cons

 The first healthy frozen yoghurt for dogs and cats
Contains 0% fat
Lactose free
In practical, resealable cup
Made in Spain

YowUp! Frozen Yoghurt is the first, healthy frozen yoghurt, especially for dogs and cats. The formula is lactose-free and contains 0% fat.

YowUp! Frozen Yoghurt has a slightly creamier formula than that of the YowUp! yoghurt in the squeeze packs, so it has the same texture as ice cream after 30 minutes of freezing. The Frozen Yoghurt is available in 3 delicious flavours, namely bacon cake, salmon tartare and chicken & apple.

Give YowUp! Frozen Yoghurt as a delicious and refreshing snack. Each cup contains only 44 calories, making it an ideal, low-calorie treat. Each cup has a resealable lid and can be stored in the fridge for 7 days after opening.

Suitable for dogs and cats from 2 months old.