Top 10 tips to keep your dog cool this summer

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  1. Water, sound easy enough but with the temperatures rising make sure that you dog has access to clean, fresh water at all times.
  2. Shade, make sure that you dog has access to a nice cool shady spot in your garden or in your house.
  3.  Treats, all our customers know at this stage that we are all huge fans of frozen treats at Positive Dog Training but you can ramp it up a gear at this time of year. Add warm water to your dogs kibble and turn it to mush, stuff in a Kong, pop in a freezer bag and a couple of hours later, hey presto. Dinner is now a more stimulating affair for your beloved dog. We have a large range of frozen natural treats in our shop and also our number one treat, Yogis.
  4. Walks, try and keep walking your dog to early in the morning or later in the evening when the temperatures have dropped. Aside from the fact that you dog is walking around in a warm coat, footpaths and tarmac can retain the heat and may hurt their paws.
  5. Paddling pools, these are great fun for all the family and many dogs enjoy just sitting in them and watching the world go by.
  6. Wet Towels , for larger dogs and double coated breeds grab a large bath towel , run it under the cold tap or spray with a hose and lay our flat for your dog to lie on.
  7. Grooming, is you dog still carrying his heavy winter coat? If so make an appointment with your groomer and have it dealt with. Remember though take their advise, not all dogs are suitable for clipping off.
  8. Sprinkler, most regular garden hoses can be fitted with a cheap sprinkler nozzle. The misting action will help keep your dog cool.
  9. THE CAR – does your dog really need to travel in the car with you in this heat? If not leave them at home in a cool shaded area with lots of water.
  10. Sunscreen, white dogs and those that have been clipped tightly seem to be susceptible to sun burn so source a pet friendly sun screen and use especially around the nose area.

So that’s it really, apart from one hugely important thing,


Temperatures in a locked car can soar really quickly, and leaving a window open a crack really is just not good enough and can cause dehydration. Be sensible and leave your dog at home not alone in the car.



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